Bologna 2022


Below are details of each topic the conference investigates.

> Communities and Governance

The role of Communities and Neighborhoods, conceptually framed within urban policies based on new participatory concepts, sustainable oriented principles and supported by the idea of “proximity” and multi-layer strategies of land management, are one of the test beds of new approaches in Urban Morphology.Research approaches, as well as design strategies, must be able to read these phenomena, to understand them and translate them into tools for supporting decision makers, stakeholders, citizens, in the transformation process of the city.


> New methods and Technologies for the urban analysis

The society of the 21st century, being “data-driven”, will be highly technological. Urban Morphology should be able to deal with these issues and learn to play an active role in their development, so as to consist in a mediation tool between environmental strategies and the city. It should also experiment with new technological means by developing new analytical methodologies capable of grasping the ongoing transformations.


> Reading the changing Urban Form

A Classic in Urban Morphology, urban analyzes and the theories underlying them constitute its very foundations, the greatest legacy, of the International Seminar on Urban Form. A legacy that must be fed and carried forward in new research and new studies, demonstrating the capacity to deal with the new emerging challenges of evolving cities. If unsuccessful, in that respect, the meaning of the urban morphological discipline will be lost.


> Designing a sustainable Urban Form

Urban Morphology is also the basis for Urban Design. The city of the 21st century must be sustainable, to react to ever changing conditions of existence. The complexity of urban phenomena requires, therefore, a scientific awareness capable of catalyzing different disciplines and expertise, different needs, different themes, within the urban fabrics. Fabrics that will, in turn, be an expression of this complexity, giving “form” to it. Under those circumstances, Urban Morphology can claim again a disciplinary status.

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