Roma 2020


SUFitaly, International Seminar on Urban Form, Italian Network, organizes its fifth Conference in Rome on 19-22 February 2020.
The theme of the conference is Urban Substrata & City Regeneration. Morphological legacies and design tools. Following the previous ISUFitaly conferences themes, dealing mainly with the relationships between urban morphology, history and architectural design, the fifth Conference aims to pose the problem of pre-existing transformations in urban form considered as underlying the shape of the current city. The topics of urban continuity and congruent transformations are therefore proposed.
The organizers and the Council of ISUFitaly invite all interested academics and professionals to parecipate to the Conference. PhD students who have completed or are completing their research degree are also invited to take part.
A number of excursions in the city and the region will be featured.
Topics on which proposals are particularly welcome include:
Urban form theories
• Ancient cities and modern theories
• Historical Cities Morphological Analysis theories and methods
• Theories on urban regeneration process
• Teaching urban form theories
Urban form reading
• Urban morphological analysis of historical territories and landscapes
• Urban morphological analysis of historical fabrics
• Urban morphological analysis of historical buildings
• Reading urban form as a tool for regeneration
• Teaching urban form reading
Urban form design
• Historical landscape and contemporary design
• Historical fabric and contemporary design
• Historical buildings and contemporary design
• Urban restoration
• Today’s city and future regeneration
• Urban design and post-trauma re-construction
• Urban Morphology and informal city regeneration
• Teaching urban form design
Proposals will take the form of abstracts of papers. They will be prepared in the following format: title of paper, author(s) name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, telephone number, keywords and 250-word abstract.
The abstract submission should be done by creating an account on our conference website (which will be available by 15 July 2019):
Abstracts of papers must be received on or before 20st September 2019.
Notification of whether abstracts have been accepted will be provided by 15th November 2019.
To have their papers included in the conference programme, those whose abstracts have been accepted will be required to pay a € 200 registration fee by 30th December 2019. After that date the registration fee required will be € 250. The fee for students is reduced to € 100 by 30th December 2019. After that date the registration fee required for students will be € 130. The registration fee includes 12 months’ membership of ISUFitaly.
Following acceptance of abstracts, submitted papers will not exceed 4000 words.
They should be received until 30th January 2020 through the following website (which will be available by 15 July 2019):
Authors should consult the Notes for the Guidance of Contributors to Urban Morphology, available on the ISUF website ( or in recent copies of the journal, before preparing their papers. All papers will be published after the conference.
The official conference language is English (one session in Italian may be provided).
The conference chairs will be Giuseppe Strappa (Sapienza, University of Rome), Paolo Carlotti (Sapienza, University of Rome), Matteo Ieva (Polytechnic University of Bari).
Anna Rita Amato (Sapienza, University of Rome); Antonio Camporeale (Sapienza, University of Rome); Paolo Carlotti (Sapienza, University of Rome); Matteo Ieva (Polytechnic University of Bari); Nicola Scardigno (Polytechnic University of Bari); Giuseppe Strappa (Sapienza, University of Rome).
Michael Barke; Carlo Bianchini; Alessandro Camiz; Renato Capozzi; Alessandra Capuano; Paolo Carlotti; Orazio Carpenzano; Giancarlo Cataldi; Carlos Coelho; Vicente Colomer; Wowo Ding; Francois Dufaux; Daniela Esposito; Loredana Ficarelli; Luigi Franciosini; Pierre Gauthier; Małgorzata Hanzl; Matteo Ieva; Hidenobu Jinnai; Anna Agata Kantarek; Nadia Karalambous; Kayvan Karimi; Aise Sema Kubat; Irina Kukina; Pierre Larochelle; Teresa Marat Mendes; Marco Maretto; Nicola Marzot; Carlo Moccia; Wendy McClure; Gianpiero Moretti; Hans Neis; Vitor Oliveira; Attilio Petruccioli; Carlo Quintelli; Ivor Samuels; Giuseppe Strappa; Tolga Ünlü; Anne Vernez Moudon; Jeremy Whitehand; Michele Zampilli.
Anna Rita Donatella Amato; Antonio Camporeale; Francesca Delia De Rosa; Nicola Scardigno.

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