Roma 2020


Topics on which proposals are particularly welcome include:
Urban form theories

• Ancient cities and modern theories
• Historical Cities Morphological Analysis theories and methods
• Theories on urban regeneration process
• Teaching urban form theories
Urban form reading

• Urban morphological analysis of historical territories and landscapes
• Urban morphological analysis of historical fabrics
• Urban morphological analysis of historical buildings
• Reading urban form as a tool for regeneration
• Teaching urban form reading
Urban form design

• Historical landscape and contemporary design
• Historical fabric and contemporary design
• Historical buildings and contemporary design
• Urban restoration
• Today’s city and future regeneration
• Urban design and post-trauma re-construction
• Urban Morphology and informal city regeneration
• Teaching urban form design
Proposals will take the form of abstracts of papers. They will be prepared in the following format: title of paper, author(s) name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, telephone number, keywords and 250-word abstract.
The abstract submission should be done by creating an account on our conference website (which will be available by 15 July 2019):
Abstracts of papers must be received on or before 20st September 2019.
Notification of whether abstracts have been accepted will be provided by 15th November 2019.

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